14 years of student-centered vocal instruction in Northampton/Amherst

The Dan Inglis Voice & Piano Studio is the only source for Estill Voice Training in western New England. In person and online, Dan helps singers in all styles achieve their goals and unlock their vocal potential. Start the next success story here.

Resources for 21st-century singers

Top Note Index - Dan's wonderful Top Note Index team has created a wonderful resource for singers, voice teachers, and repertoire coaches looking for their next songs. Visit this free site to find your new material without guesswork.

Practice media on paper, YouTube and audio - "I put that card on my dresser and worked on it every day!" Students at the Northampton studio are used to bringing new vocal technique concepts home from lessons on colorful "baseball cards." The cards come with audio recordings and are also the basis for a new YouTube series now in the works. Try Basic Stretches for Singing to start out any warmup routine for optimal vocal health.


First lessons are free in the Dan Inglis Voice & Piano Studio. To schedule yours, email dan.inglis.music@gmail.com, call 931-200-1368 or enroll here.

Dan's singers winning on TV

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Choir - Top Performer, Adult Classical: Together In Song, 2015
The Connotations - featuring Dan's arrangement of "Hey, Hey" by Dispatch: Together In Song,
Pioneer Valley Chordsmen - Top Performer, Barbershop, Together In Song, 2013


"Before I started here, my previous voice teacher told me that I didn’t have the right voice to be a singer. Everything about these lessons has totally changed my musical outlook."

"I have studied with many other people in the past and Dan is definitely the most informative and supportive.  I am very happy I work with him."

"My vocal technique has improved so much in the last year, and especially this summer thanks to the help of my fantastic voice coach, Dan Inglis. Can't wait to practice belting those C's and C#'s now using the right method!"

"We really appreciate your efforts on [our son's] behalf…I think you were able to connect with [him] -- many teachers find him hard to read and unforthcoming and I sense that he wasn't that way with you.  He enjoyed the lessons with you…I appreciate that you are communicative and approachable."

"Dan has been amazing at answering my many questions throughout our lessons and has encouraged me to actively investigate the subject beyond our lessons....I honestly have no criticism of this course because it is clear that Dan wants to be the best teacher that he can be...it is great to have such a supportive teacher who I feel has confidence in me and inspires me to do my best from week to week."

"I was always very happy to go to my vocal lessons this semester. The environment was very relaxed, but still very professional....Dan Inglis always made me feel very comfortable and welcome. He was very patient with my doubts and my insecurities but also pushed me when I needed to be pushed....Dan is a very knowledgeable music instructor and the course was very fun. I really enjoyed being able to construct my own path throughout the semester and admire the way Dan was always so accessible with any need, question or problem."

"There is no arguing with the progress I made this semester, and it would not have been possible at all without Dan's attentiveness and commitment to my learning, both of which I truly appreciate. I'm looking forward to next semester!"

"This semester Dan showed his usual high proficiency for teaching Estill technique and for always keeping me moving as a working musician…. On top of this he showed some new greatnesses having to do, generally, with his unique role as advisor....Dan's familiarity with the terrifyingly vast pool of music from which I am drawing material for my recitals is incredible."

"I wanted to tell you how great I thought the workshop on Sunday was. Subject matter aside, just having a forum like that to have a focused discussion as a small community is something that I think all teachers should be doing. It's actually very inspiring to be working with a teacher so dedicated to every aspect of the craft. But in terms of subject, I thought all your research was way well done and presented in a very clear and methodical way. Bravo!"

"Dan has always been a great teacher, but this semester he went above and beyond to help me learn as a singer. I appreciate all the effort that he put into our lessons and it made me want to do my best in preparing for them. One of the things that I truly appreciate about Dan is that he makes me feel like his only student. I am always impressed by the amount of time he spends preparing for our lessons and helping me get the materials and information that I need in order to be a better singer. I have always felt as though he is invested in my learning and even though I sometimes don't understand why we are going in a certain direction, I completely trust that it will help me grow as a student, and it always does!"

"I knew Dan would be a great teacher, I just didn't know he would make me a good student!"

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